Blast Away Years of Caked-On Grime

Blast Away Years of Caked-On Grime

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Quality Assurance Construction provides residential pressure washing services in the Sellersburg, IN & Louisville, KY area. We'll get of the dirt, grime and debris that are bringing down the beauty of your property. You'll home will look better than ever once we're finished.

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Leave pressure washing to the pros

Pressure washing may seem like something you can do by yourself, but that would be a bad idea. Using the incorrect pressure settings can damage your home's exterior or reduce the effectiveness of the pressure washer. Here are a few reasons to hire our experts:

  • You'll save time by letting a professional do the work for you
  • You won't risk injuring yourself-we'll clean hard-to-reach places safely
  • You won't damaging your roof, exterior walls or siding
Our team is backed by 20 years of experience, so you can rest assured that we'll do the job right. For a free estimate on your pressuring washing services, call 812-207-5722 now.