We Raise the Bar on Quality Roofing Services

We Raise the Bar on Quality Roofing Services

Trust professional roofing contractors in Sellersburg, IN and Louisville, KY with your project

We are constantly inspecting roofs for realtors, banks, insurance companies and homeowners. As a certified roofing contractor we are trained to catch all the items that would void warranties etc... It has been our experience that 7 of 10 roofs that we are on have warranty voiding issues, primarily exhaust ventilation. We love teaching our customers about their home and help guiding them to a solution for our findings on our inspection. Whether you need a roof inspection, installation or repair we're here to help.

Our roofing contractors are well-versed in the application of all commercial and residential roofing materials, including:

  • Asphalt shingles: 3 Tab, Dimensional, Timberline HD line, American Harvest Line, Designer Series Line
  • Metal roofs: standing seam thick gauged metal
  • Flat roofing systems: Modified Bitumen, TPO, EPDM, PVC


We’ll help you choose the right roofing material to enhance your home or business while conforming to your budget. Get a free estimate on roofing installation, repair and replacement services.



Roof Installation and Repair Services

Rest easy with our certified roofers on the job

Quality Assurance Construction in Sellersburg employs skilled roofing contractors who will oversee your commercial or residential project from start to finish. Our services include warranties, so you can rest easy knowing your roof will last.

Schedule a roofing installation, replacement or repair appointment right away with Quality Assurance Construction.

Q.A.C. offers a limited life-time warranty with no pro-ration for 50 years

YES, we install a 50 YEAR ROOF, and are able to back it up!